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Our Story

Call us crazy, but at 27, with no money and our first child on the way, we founded a tiny cheese company in Tomales, California.


We've been in the cheese business for almost a decade now but have always wanted something of our own. From the beginning we knew which cheeses we wanted to make. 

So we bought a cheese press and some molds. We worked out a deal with our friends at Tomales Farmstead Creamery to use their equipment. We found a local farmer with grassfed Jersey cows, and we began producing small batches of alpine cheeses. 



We both have full time work as well, but we try to find as much time to hand deliver and mail out the one hundred or so wheels the two of us make together on our "weekends".


​Currently a seasonal business, we believe in intentional growth and attention to detail. That's why our cheese is only available April - October. 


At Folly Cheese, our mission will always be to make the cheeses that anyone would want to eat every single day of their lives (because if it goes belly up, we're going to have a lot of cheese to eat).



We're proud of every piece of cheese we make and hope you enjoy it as much as we do.


our inaugural cheese.

Size: 17lbs 12" x 6" Wheel

flavor: buttery, nutty and creamy 

Texture:firm but with a slightly longer body.

Availability: April 1 - oct 31

Lillian is modeled after many of the swiss-french alpine style cheeses that inspired us to become cheesemakers.

Being a full fat cheese, it's got a creamy paste and mild acidity that cleans up for that next bite. we age it for four to six months washing multiple times along the way.

younger wheels show off the quality of our milk, while mature wheels develop lactic acid crystals and caramel notes of intensifying flavor.

in order to ensure quality and flavor, Lillian is only produced with milk from jersey cows eating green grass.

$20 per lb + shipping 

make it a party with: riesling, pinot grigio, pilsner, white chocolate & cherries.

Order & Contact

the cheese is in season

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